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Sobre El Centro para el Bien Común Global

It was created as a space for reflection and analysis of the great challenges facing humanity, based on the social doctrine of the Church and the best Catholic social thought, with the intention of providing answers to the moral, political, social, economic and global crisis in which the world finds itself today. The Forum is the fruit of the work carried out in the permanent seminar on the global common good organised by the Faculty of Law, Business and Government. This seminar has studied the concept of the global common good, its contours, implications and applications, and has done so from the perspectives of theology, philosophy, law, economics, business and political science. It responds to the Church's call to universities-particularly Catholic universities-to be forums for the generation of thought that contributes to the transformation of society in accordance with the Gospel and the Church's tradition. More particularly, it aims to serve concrete actors in political, business, cultural and social life, with analyses based on the Social Doctrine of the Church that will shed light on the daily work of organisations in these areas.











Ignacio Cosidó

Director del Centro para el Bien Común Global y Director del Centro de Seguridad Internacional

Blanca García

Coordinadora del Centro para el Bien Común Global y periodista RRII


José María Rotellar

Director del Observatorio de Economía


Javier Gómez

Director Observatorio Latinoamericano


Ignacio Cosidó


Director of the Centre for the Global Common Good


Susana Alonso

Directora Cátedra Irene Vázquez


Miguel Osorio

Director de la Cátedra de Inmigración


Adriaan Kühn

Director del Instituto Schuman de Estudios Europeos

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