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Research Papers

We are a research center committed to generating knowledge in the areas of international peace and security, economics and development, human rights and freedoms, and responsible use of technology. Our publications are the result of rigorous research and analysis, and offer insights and recommendations for decision-makers, practitioners, and scholars alike. 

Title of Research Paper 1

This research paper analyzes the impacts of climate change on global food security and offers policy recommendations to address the challenges. The paper argues that climate change represents a major threat to food security in developing countries, and calls for urgent action to mitigate its effects.

Title of Research Paper 2

This research paper examines the role of civil society in promoting democracy and accountability in Latin America. The paper analyzes the strategies and tactics used by civil society organizations to advocate for human rights and social justice, and offers insights for policymakers and practitioners.

Title of Research Paper 3

This research paper explores the implications of the digital transformation for the future of work and employment. The paper argues that technological innovations are disrupting traditional employment patterns and creating new opportunities and challenges, and offers recommendations for policymakers and businesses to adapt to these changes.

Title of Research Paper 4

This research paper investigates the impact of corruption on economic growth and development in Sub-Saharan Africa. The paper argues that corruption is a major obstacle to sustainable development and poverty reduction, and calls for comprehensive anti-corruption strategies that involve all stakeholders.

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