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Demographics: implications for security in Africa and in Europe

Publication of the 1st Sahel Europe Dialogue Forum

4 June 2021

It is a challenge to discuss the relationship between demography and security in Africa and in the Sahel. The challenge is even greater if we consider the implications for Europe.

From the African point of view, demography and security can give rise to suspicions of neo-colonialism and paternalistic Western intervention in the affairs of African states. From the point of view of Europeans, these two terms reveal a fear, whether justified or not since the great migration crisis of 2015, which translates into concern about the influx of young Africans into Europe, about a new unprecedented migration crisis and about the loss of identity. In short, an Africanisation of Europe.

Download the document in French, English and Spanish

El factor demográfico Implicaciones para la seguridad en África y Europa
Download PDF • 489KB
Demographics- implications for security in Africa and in Europe
Download PDF • 501KB
Le facteur démographique Implications pour la sécurité en Afrique et en Europe
Download PDF • 509KB


Lead Researchers:

David Skuli. Former Central Director of the Border Police (France). Analyst at the International Security Centre (Instituto de Política Internacional, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria). Member of the Expert Group of the Sahel-Europe Dialogue Forum.

Dr. Boubacar Haidara. Researcher at the Les Afriques du Monde (LAM) laboratory, Science Po University, Bordeaux. Member of the Sahel-Europe Dialogue Forum Expert Group.

Expert contributors who assisted in the drafting of this document:

Dr. Abdallahi Awah. Professor at the University of Nouakchott and former technical advisor to the Mauritanian Minister of Employment. Member of the expert group of the Sahel-Europe Dialogue Forum.


This analysis is part of an ongoing line of research by the International Security Centre on the Sahel. Following the Sahel-Europe Dialogue Forum organized in March 2021, speakers belonging to the Sahel- Europe Dialogue Forum Expert Group have deepened the themes of their conferences, analyzing the shared challenges, and the opportunities for cooperation on our common challenges. The political crises in Mali and Chad link the security crisis to governance challenges in these states, where the presence of self-defense militias and jihadist groups hinder economic and social development. In such a changing environment, with the Sahel being Europe's advanced frontier, it is now more important than ever to promote a space for dialogue in which both regions can share, cooperate and propose innovative solutions. This series of publications, as well as the Sahel-Europe Dialogue Forum, have received a grant from the General Secretariat for Defence Policy of the Ministry of Defence



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