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Turkish hyperactivity

Enrique Fojón Lagoa 


Turkey's current geopolitical prominence appears to be that of a vigorous strategic actor. With its expansionist strategy, it directly affects the security of the Middle East, the Mediterranean and, therefore, that of Europe and Spain. Such protagonism is inspired by the doctrine of neo-Ottomanism, its driving force being President Erdoğan, who saw his initial momentum cut short by the Syrian war in 2011.

Previous and recent events confirm a change in Turkey's strategic direction that is added to the intense activity of Russia and China - each from its own interests - in the Eurasian area, which has led Ankara to consider and effect a new Grand Strategy, while it has been distancing itself from the United States and Europe on fundamental issues. The expansion of Turkish influence has its most relevant obstacles in Russia, in Saudi Arabia's sphere of influence and in the Eastern Mediterranean, while resistance from Europe is more diffuse. (Leer más) 



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