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Event: "Seminar Two years of the invasion of Ukraine: the forgotten war"

The Center for the Global Common Good is organizing a seminar to mark the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This is the third annual seminar organized on the conflict, which will analyze from the hand of experts the evolution in the military and political spheres of the invasion, helping attendees to know the developments in the last year, understand the geostrategic scenarios and the consequences of international actors.


-Florentino Portero, president of the Center for the Global Common Good.

-Admiral Fernando del Pozo, former Director of the NATO General Staff.

-Colonel Pardo de Santayana, coordinator of the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies (IEEE).

-Andrés Serrano Smith, Senior Researcher at the Center for International Security and Professor of the Joint Master in European Security (UFV-Luiss).

-Ignacio Cosidó (moderator).

Román Ortiz, analyst at the International Security Center UFV.

-Date of the activity: 19 February 2024.

-Space where it will take place:  H's headwaters.

-Start and end time: 17 - 18.30h



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