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III Sahel-Europe Dialogue Forum

20 September 2023

From 10 to 11 July 2023, the third edition of the Sahel-Europe Dialogue Forum took place. This academic forum aims to address the constantly evolving international and West African context in each activity, fostering dialogue between the various actors involved in the multidimensional Sahel crisis and providing recommendations to stakeholders to adapt their strategies to the realities on the ground.

Since the last session in July 2022, the political, security and diplomatic context in the Sahel countries has undergone significant changes. The transitional situation in several countries in the region presented both opportunities and challenges for the promotion of peace and development in the area. The priority issues addressed at the 2023 Forum correspond to this new political and security context in West Africa. Among others: a reflection on lessons learned, best practices, opportunities and challenges for the relationship between Europe and West Africa; the evolution of the security context in the region, the new dynamics of the main actors and the regions presenting new challenges and opportunities.

It also addressed how the international community could help Sahelian governments to prioritise the protection of civilians in their security strategies, as well as the role of international and local actors in mediating conflicts in West Africa. Furthermore, the evolution of civil society in West Africa and its challenges were discussed, as well as how the international community and regional organisations could support military transitions towards democratic and transparent processes.

Finally, the closing conference addressed the role of academia in addressing the causes of the challenges in West Africa and in promoting policies and programmes for peace and prosperity in the region.

The publications compiling the conclusions of the forum will be available in French, English and Spanish in May 2024.



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